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I am so excited to dive back in the hot tools jewelry world!

I have purchased a tiny welder to weld tiny chains to your tiny wrists...& ankles.

This next part is more for my mom. WHY Anndrea?! WHY THE SNAKE?!...

First, I respect snakes. I "see" them everywhere. By "see", I mean I see them-you probably do not. That's ok-we all have our own "gifts".

The snake, especially the OUROBOROS (snake eating its own tail), is a powerful and universal symbol meaning no beginning or end. Similar to the infinity symbol. I could go down a whole rabbit hole of the ancient symbolism & how it all started with THE Cleopatra & another famous Cleopatra...but, I'll put some links below for you to read on.

Did you know my wedding ring/marriage ring is 2 snakes? I wear it on my right hand (my wedding band on my left). Scott at White Cedar Studio in Superior helped me create my dream power ring. It is 18K yellow gold & set with the diamond Mark gave me for our engagement. The ring symbolizes my love for my husband, our bond, and the love for my current life on this earth.

So, it's safe to say that when I started the semi-permanent bracelets & then the permanent bracelets-the ouroboros what a no-brainer to add to my logo.

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