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I’d like to introduce you to Gypsy’s new owner, Grace.

She is a local art student who owns & runs her own sticker business,

Grace contacted me almost immediately after Gypsy’s debut asking about her. When I casually put her up for sale on instagram, Grace asked for my number to call me.

Grace could’ve probably used her at her pop up in Grand Rapids over the weekend, but let me finish out our season together at The Junk Hunt with a bang!

Gypsy got me a lot of attention & helped me fill up my appointments ALL 3 DAYS at The Junk Hunt! I even got an offer way over what I asked for for Gypsy, but Grace is the right person to continue on the art studio traveling camper.

I have hopes that we will be set up next to each other one day. Me in my new to me camper & Grace with Gypsy (or whatever she wishes to rename her). A traveling caravan of art studios. Now, wouldn’t that be cool!

I’ll still be doing permanent jewelry & pop up events/private parties, other new jewelry lines too, buying & selling crystals, aura photos & readings, & get back into teaching!

p.s. Grace shares her story on her website:

“All in the name...

Little Rocks Design: I'm a sole survivor triplet (born at 24 weeks and 1 lb 11 ounces).... so I share my passion with God's gift of 2 brothers in heaven (3 little rocks) ... I always found joy in rock hunting ....and I grew up on Little Rock Rd.”

It makes my heart happy that she honors her brothers. We never forget the ones we love. I have so much respect for Grace in sharing her story. I hope that one day Gus will be able to share about his big brother, River too.

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